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Product testing is the best way to ensure product performance and evaluate product properties. Laboratory experts at Inf inita Lab assure the best regular product reliability testing to ensure your product performs as expected, reduces warranty costs, and provides satisfaction.... Read More

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    Product testing is a crucial stage in the development and growth of a product’s life cycle. Product testing aims at evaluating product properties and performance under normal and stressed conditions. The finished product is often subjected to heat, humidity, temperature shock, vibration, drop, electrostatic discharge, or a combination of environments. Service conditions are simulated to test product susceptibility to failure. Visual and other in-line inspection methods are also used for a quick quality check. Certifications are required for product compliance with safety standards set forth by regulatory bodies. The product’s statistical failure rate is measured under a set of extremes; a product can encounter during its service life. Regular product reliability testing will ensure your product performs as expected, reduce warranty costs and improve customer satisfaction.

    Product Testing Laboratory Services Offered in Our Testing Labs

    There is a large variety of product reliability tests available for our clients based in the USA and across the world. All the tests are done in the best-equipped testing laboratory for utmost client satisfaction.

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      FAQs on Product Testing Lab

      What is product testing used for?

      Product testing evaluates the properties and performance of an end product under normal and stressed conditions. Product testing is performed regularly to ensure product compliance, safety, and reliable performance.

      What are the techniques employed to carry out product testing?

      Product testing includes a suite of reliability and environmental tests. Tests like Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS), Accelerated Life Cycle Testing, Accelerated Weathering Testing, Environmental Stress Screening (ESS), Thermal and Humidity Environmental Testing, Mechanical Endurance Testing, Vibration and Shock Testing and Reliability Growth Testing are usually employed to gauge safety and performance of products.

      Where can I get reliable product testing done?

      Our material testing labs regularly provide testing services for finished products evaluating their performance while keeping pace with quality control and certification requirements.

      What is the cost involved in product testing?

      Product testing is a suite of certification, safety, and reliability testing services. Pricing depends on the type of testing, product, and industry. Please contact us for a detailed quote for your testing needs.

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