Salt Spray – Salt Fog Corrosion Testing

A salt spray or salt fog test is corrosion resistance testing performed in high-saline environments to measure the resistance of products, paints, and coatings toward corrosion over a prolonged time. Salt fog corrosion testing is done in a closed chamber under a variety of corrosive environments. ... Read More

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    Salt Spray (Salt Fog) Corrosion Testing Services

    Salt spray or salt fog testing is an accelerated corrosion test done in the laboratory to assess the performance of a product or material during its service life. It is a preferred method to evaluate the corrosion resistance of finished surfaces, paints, protective coatings, and other products in testing labs. Specialty testing chambers that simulate high salinity and high humidity conditions are used. Specific testing parameters like salinity, time of exposure, humidity, temperature depending on the type of sample, industry standards, and other client specifications. Typically 5% NaCl solution is used for testing. However, specialty testing might be done with synthetic seawater, CaCl2, acetic acid, etc. Combined temperature tests are also performed at varying levels of test conditions. Specimens are analyzed intermittently throughout the test to record the effect of corrosion through imaging and other characterization tools.

    Corrosion experts at Infinita Lab assist our clients based in the USA and other countries across the globe in choosing the most appropriate test method for multiple coating types, including electroplated copper-nickel-chromium, and anodized aluminum. Our testing lab supports salt spray tests for a variety of products. We help you ensure that your projects are accurate, timely, and cost-effective.

    Salt Spray (Salt Fog) Corrosion Testing 

    • Testing
    • ASTM D1735
    • ASTM D2247
    • ISO 9227

    Products Tested in Our Laboratory by Salt Fog Corrosion Testing

    • Coated and non-coated metallic samples
    • Paints
    • Zinc and Zinc alloy platings
    • Electroplated tin, nickel, copper
    • Non-electrolytic coatings

    Industries benefitting by Salt Fog Corrosion Testing

    • Paints
    • Coatings
    • Metals and Alloys
    • Aircraft
    • Automobile
    • Heavy Machinery
    • Military
    • Defense
    • Power Generation
    • Telecommunications

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      FAQs on Salt Spray – Salt Fog Corrosion Testing

      Where can I get salt spray testing done?

      Our network of material testing labs, spread across the USA, provides salt spray corrosion testing to determine the corrosion resistance of any product or its components.

      How much does salt spray testing cost?

      The cost of salt spray corrosion testing starts from $4000 per 10 days. 

      What is salt spray or salt fog testing?

      Salt spray or salt fog testing is an accelerated corrosion test method, used to assess the corrosion resistance of materials. Typically, a 5% NaCl solution is used for testing. However, specialty testing is done with synthetic seawater, calcium chloride, and acetic acid. 

      What is the use of salt spray or salt fog testing?

      Salt spray or salt fog testing is used for determining the corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings. 

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