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 Infinita Lab is a managed marketplace that delivers on-demand and fractional labs and experts for the solution of engineering-related problems. We handle the problem-solving process from a to z. Unlike other labs, Infinita is not limited by in-house capabilities. Infinita Lab harnesses the capabilities of different labs and experts, commercial or academic, to solve the problems of our clients. Our smart database of expertise of labs in the USA allows us to quickly deliver optimized custom solutions to our clients.
 Infinita Lab provides a single point of contact available on-call or through email to discuss your requirements. Once the experimental process is set based on the requirements, our representative will come up with labs and experts for your approval. After approval, our representative will follow through on the execution of the experimental plan to the delivery of the report to your inbox.
That is quite likely to happen, and that is why we have the world’s best experts for discussion as needed, and that too free of cost. 
Absolutely not. This is one of the perks of Infinita Lab. All tests – One place. All labs work through us. 

 We find the right expert resource as needed to assist your engineers in performing better with the same effort and time. Maintenance of in-house engineering resources costs a lot more than external experts, saving you cost.

 Infinita Lab does not disclose the client’s information to the lab executing the test. However, clients are kept informed about the choice of the lab. As a client, you can request to send your sample to a non-local lab if there are any concerns about accidental leakage of IP from the local vendor.
 Depending on your requirements, Infinita Lab will arrange a phone or WebEx conference call. You will have the choice to reveal yourself to the lab or withhold your identity. For microscopy work, many labs also offer remote witnessing. It is helpful if the area of interest is not well defined, and the client wants to interact with the lab staff during the microscopy work.
Most clients from the emerging technology segment come up with similar problems. Infinita Lab services are an excellent fit for such issues. We discuss your unique set of engineering challenges with multiple labs to find a good fit. If any lab exists that could do it, Infinita Lab will find it and get it done for you.
We work with your accounts payable department to set up purchase orders and invoicing. We have experience working with several companies, and therefore, have standard solutions fitting for different needs. Our goal is to reduce the hassle for the client as much as possible.

 Infinita Lab will find more than one lab for testing and allocate samples for testing in parallel.

Infinita Lab works only with accredited labs in the USA with a well-established reputation. As a client, you are kept informed about the choice of the lab. As an additional measure, Infinita Lab secures a satisfaction guarantee from the lab as i. e. repeat testing if the client is not satisfied.
 Infinita Lab gets quotes from multiple labs for your requirements to choose the optimal solution for your needs.
Yes, you can. In fact, for regular or high-frequency tests, most clients prefer to define a custom format to make it easy for them to find the information they are looking for.
Test samples come in many shapes and sizes. Infinita partners with packing solution providers and shipping companies to build a custom packaging solution for you. We get your samples safely to labs and back.
Yes. Some labs offer remote witnessing. We are bringing it to more labs, especially for microscopy.
Keeping ahead of competitors requires maintaining cutting-edge tools and trained staff. However, with the fast pace of innovation, tools are becoming obsolete sooner. Unlike companies, commercial labs consolidate demand from many sources, so they can afford to upgrade and maintain high-cost facilities. Infinita Lab provides the client’s fractional access to the latest tools and skilled staff without any capital investment.
No. Infinita Lab takes care of it all. We have partnered with FedEx, UPS, and DHL to get custom packaging for your samples. A pickup is arranged to get your samples to the lab at the earliest.
At the start of the engagement, we discuss and define what information you need in the report and fulfill it while delivering the final test report. For high-frequency tests, we can define a custom format and ask the labs to adhere to it.

Yes, absolutely. Infinita Lab will find the best expert to discuss your technical needs.

Most of our clients have this requirement. We bring the lab staff on conferencing for discussion. Some labs also offer remote witnessing.

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