Nonvolatile Matter in Volatile Solvent by ASTM D1353

Non Volatile matter in volatile solvents for use in paint, vanish, lacquer and related products is determined by standar d method ASTM D1353 and it describes the analytical measurement of residual matter in solvents that are intended to be 100% volatile at 105 ± 5°C.... Read More

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    The standard test method, non-volatile matter in volatile solvents for use in paint, vanish and lacquer ASTM D1353 is useful in manufacturing control and assessing compliance with specifications. Volatile solvents are used in manufacturing of paint, vanish, lacquer and other related products. The product quality or efficiency of the process may get affected due to the presence of any residue. This ASTM D1353 method determines the amount of non volatile residue in violet solvents.

    Test Procedure:

    A dry 125-mL platinum evaporating dish is baked at 105 + 5°C, then cooled in a desiccator until the weight is within 0.1 mg of the previous weighing, according to ASTM D1353. About 100 mL of sample is kept into the conditioned platinum evaporating dish at room temperature, which is then evaporated by placing it on a steam bath or a hot plate in a fume hood. Same process for non volatile matter in volatile solvents is repeated until the weight is within 0.1 mg of the previous weighing. The following equipment are used –  a thermostatically controlled oven at 105 ± 5°C according to ASTM D1353; a 100-mL cylinder, graduated, 100-mL; and an analytical balance, precision to ±0.1 mg. An aluminum or porcelain dish may be used as an alternative to a platinum evaporating dish.

    Specimen Size:

    100 mL of the test liquid.


    Determination of non volatile residue in volatile solvent is represented in SI units and is considered as standard. The residue obtained from the specimen is milligrams of non-volatile residue/100 mL .


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