Water Absorption of Core Materials ASTM C272

Water Absorption of Core Materials ASTM C272

Water absorption verification of structured core materials is done by ASTM C272 test method. Samples are first exposed to an aqueous environment, and then dried under specific conditions. Percentage change in weight before and after water treatment is presented as a result.


    Water Absorption test by ASTM C272  calculates the relative absorption of water by different forms of sandwich construction core materials, when immersed in water or exposed to high relative humidity. The core materials include forms with continuous connecting areas (balsa and foam) and others with discontinuous connecting surfaces (honeycomb).

    Test Procedure:

    Water Absorption test of Core Materials by ASTM C272 is done by three different procedures: Test Method A for 24-hour immersion; Test Method B for Elevated Temperature Humidity; and Test Method C for Maximum Percent Weight Gain.

    For the ASTM C272 test,  the required number of test samples is five each with size  3.0 inch3.0 inch. Samples are first immersed in deionized water, then detached from the conditioning environment as per the required parameters (after 24 hours, 48 hours, or after thirty days). Then, the samples are placed in an oven for drying for a set time, and then subsequently placed in a desiccator for cooling. Finally, samples are measured to the nearest 0.1 mg using an analytical balance.

    Specimen size:

    Three-inch by three-inch by 0.5-inch thickness core material samples are used for the Water Absorption test by ASTM C272.


    The change in mass is calculated as follows:
    Increase in Weight, % = (W – D) / D 100
    W = wet weight
    D = dry weight


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