Sandwich Corrosion Test of Aircraft Maintenance Materials ASTM F1110

Scope: The standard test method for Sandwich Corrosion test by ASTM F1110 determines whether aircraft structural aluminum alloys are liable to be corroded or damaged by application of the test material during routine maintenance operations. This ASTM F1110, Sandwich Corrosion test method is used in qualification and approval for compounds employed in aircraft maintenance operation....

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Determination of Bacteria-Eliminating Effectiveness ASTM E2755

Scope: ASTM E2755 is a test method used for evaluating health care personnel hand rubs (hand sanitizers) for their efficacy in eliminating bacteria from experimentally contaminated hands after a single application and after repeated applications. This test method can be used to test any form of hand rubs, including gels, rinses, sprays, foams, and wipes...

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Melting Points and the Melting Range of Organic Chemicals ASTM E324

Scope: ASTM E324 is used to determine the melting point which is a simple and fast method used in many diverse areas of chemistry to get a first impression of the purity of a substance. This is because even small quantities of impurities change the melting point, or at least clearly enlarge its melting range....

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