Drying and Firing Shrinkage of Ceramic Whiteware Clays ASTM C326

Drying and Firing Shrinkage of Ceramic Whiteware Clays ASTM C326

ASTM C326 measures the shrinkage of the ceramic whiteware after firing and drying the clay sample and enables the manufacturer to design the ceramic in the desired size and shape. The change in the thickness/shrinkage obtained by ASTM C326 is calculated to avoid any manufacturing defects. The shrinkage values are obtained in inch-pounds.


    The shrinkage values of the ceramic whitewares should be known prior to their shipping as they affect the structure or the thickness of the material. Drying the ceramics makes it more durable and avoids any problems in the firing step. Granules obtained after firing are analyzed to get the desired type of ceramics.

    Test Procedure:

    In ASTM C326, the clay sample isdry-pressed. Prior to pressing, the ceramic clay sample is granulated to form a free-flowing powder and is dried by spray-drying. Hot gases inject the slurry into a drying chamber. Spray dryers particularly work best at temperatures of 70° to 570°C and are gas-dried. During spray drying, the moisture content of the granules should be in the range of 35-40%. After drying, the firing (making dense, compact, and uniform clay granules) of the sample is done. Firing temperatures are 50-75%. 

    Specimen Size : 

    The sample is taken in the range of milligrams to kilograms, as per the need.


    The chromatogram obtained after spray drying is interpreted for checking the shrinkage in the given clay sample.


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