Micro-Raman Spectroscopy

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Spectroscopy in Micro-Raman

When combined with a high magnification optical microscope, Raman spectroscopy provides a diverse variety of chemical and material structural information, giving Infinita Labs team of skilled scientists a unique set of analysis options. When a high-intensity light source interacts with a material, a very faint spectrum of light frequencies is produced, which is detected by Raman spectroscopy. The mobilization of electrons across bonds in the sample, which uses some of the original input energy to create polarization and emits a lower energy photon, is what results in these low-intensity spectrum characteristics. While there are variances dependent on light-sample interaction, Raman is frequently employed to offer molecular structure information similar to that provided by IR spectroscopy since it typically measures the electron polarizability across molecule bonds.

While FTIR analysis and Raman can frequently provide identical information, the two are very complementary, with Raman having certain distinct advantages. When compared to IR wavelengths, using optical frequencies minimises both the interaction volume with the sample and the line width of the spectral characteristics that are produced. As a result, many smaller residues or features can be studied, and subtle shifts in peak energy can be used to shed light on phenomena like lattice strain or intermolecular bonding dynamics. Furthermore, water has little effect on Raman, making it simpler to analyse proteins, biological substances, or solutions. Raman can also be used to detect very small sample volumes, frequently obtaining sensitivity down to the single digits of molecules, with the use of surface enhancement substrates. Micro Raman spectroscopy technologies give Infinita Labs analytical experts another tool to help you with your difficult samples and issues since they can analyse inorganic structure properties on a micro-scale in addition to determining the molecular spectra of complex organic samples. Give us a call so that we can help you with your needs.

Video 01:Basics and principle of Raman Spectroscopy | Learn under 5 min | Stokes and Anti-Stokes | AI 09


Micro-Raman spectroscopy is an important analytical technique for the study of materials at the microscale. Its ability to provide information about the molecular and crystal structure of materials makes it a valuable tool for materials characterization and analysis, with potential applications in a wide range of fields.

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