ASTM E224-08 Analysis of Hydrochloric Acid

ASTM E224-08 Analysis of Hydrochloric Acid

The standard test methods for the analysis of hydrochloric acid are covered under the ASTM E224-08 standard method. These test methods provide for the classification of various grades of hydrochloric acid and for the determination of various impurities. The values reported are in SI units.


    ASTM E224-08 standard method covers the procedures for analysis of hydrochloric acid. The analytical procedures included in this standard are as follows:

    Total Acidity8 to 16
    Baumé Gravity17 to 26
    Sulfated Ash27 to 34
    Iron35 to 44
    Colour45 to 52
    Total Sulfur53 to 59

    Test procedure:

    Total acidity determination: A weighed sample of acid is diluted in water and titrated with standardized 0.5 meq/mL (N) sodium hydroxide solution, using phenolphthalein as the indicator.

    Baumé Gravity determination: A sample of hydrochloric acid is placed in a hydrometer cylinder and when the temperature is constant, the Baumé gravity is read from the glass hydrometer. The Baumé gravity is used to classify various grades of hydrochloric acid.

    Sulfated ash content determination: A weighed sample of acid, to which sulfuric acid has been added, is evaporated, ignited, and the residue weighed.

    Iron content determination: The iron is reduced and determined calorimetrically with 1,10-phenanthroline (ortho-phenanthroline), which forms an orange-red complex with ferrous iron. The intensity of the colour is measured in a photometer calibrated against standardized solutions.

    Colour determination: An arbitrary colour scale is used that is based on the colour produced by adding known amounts of ferric iron to hydrochloric acid.

    Total Sulfur content determination: A sample of acid is treated with bromine to oxidize any oxidizable sulfur compounds to sulfate. The sulfate is precipitated and weighed as barium sulfate.

    Specimen size:

    The size of the sample shall be sufficient to perform all analyses without the reuse of any portion of the sample.


    The calculations for the analytical procedures are as follows,

    V= corrected mL of NaOH solution required for titration of the sample, N= normality of NaOH solution, W= sample used

    The Platinum-Cobalt colour scale has wide-spread use to determine colour of HCl.

    M= iron found from calibration curve

    R= weight of evaporating dish and residue, D= weight of evaporating dish, W= sample used

    A= BaSO4 precipitate, W= sample used


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