Dimensional Calibration Services

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In order to ensure accurate measurement, dimensional calibration services, such as tool calibration and gauge calibration, are carried out to examine and modify devices. Measurements made with the instrument are compared to standards whose readings can be traced to a national authority like NIST during dimensional calibration, also known as mechanical calibration.


Calibration of dimensional tools

Quality fast Tools calculation

With the qualifications and services to guarantee that your measuring hand tools and instruments can produce accurate readings, FOCUS Infinita lab is a top-tier, full-service calibration lab. The A2LA has accredited calibration services that adhere to ISO/IEC 17025, and the NIST can be contacted for the results of our measurements.

For the most precise measurements, the technicians perform their work in a cutting-edge, temperature- and humidity-controlled laboratory. The temperature and relative humidity are kept at 68°F (1°F) and 30–50%, respectively. We are able to calibrate to one-millionth of an inch.

You will receive a comprehensive Certificate of Calibration once calibration is finished. The certificate shall clearly state information regarding measurement traceability, accreditation, and the instrument’s status, including any out-of-tolerance conditions and changes performed during calibration.

Resources for calculation

Infinitalab stocks more than 750 master set plugs and calibrates threaded ring gauges. Via our connections with manufacturers, we can assist you in finding the right set plug if you don’t already have it and we don’t keep any in stock. Examine the Calibration Set Plugs we have available. Learn some useful advice in the article “Why and When to Calibrate” if calibration is new to your firm or if you are new to calibration.

Services for dimensional and mechanical calibration

The following devices and tools are all regularly calibrated at Infinita lab. Ask us about availability if you have things that aren’t mentioned. Get a quote right away.

Gauge block dimension calibration

  1. Standards & Masters
  • Length Standards/Micrometer Standards to 120 inches, Gage Blocks to 20 inches
  • Standards for Pitch Micrometers
  • Specifications for profilometers
  • Monitoring Masters
  • Screw-Set Plugs
  • calibrating thread wires callipers
  1. Standard calibration for dial callipers
  1. Calibration of Digital Calipers Verniers Gauges
  • A Bore Gage
  • Central Gauges
  • Gages, Chamfer/Countersink (Dial, Micrometer-type)
  • Depth gauges for density meter calibration (Dial, Digital)
  • Standard Durometer Test Durometer Calibration
  • Gage gauges
  • Height Metrics (Dial, Digital, Vernier)
  • a pin gauge
  • Gage for Planeness Place Plug Gages (English, Metric)
  • threaded pipes (1-step, 3-step)
  • Simple Cylindrical (Classes Y, Z,X, XX)
  • Reversible Cylindrical Thread in Plain Form/NPSM (Setting, Standard, Working)
  • Gages for Radius
  • Ring Gages – Adjustable Set Plug Inventory Adjusting Screw Pitch Gages Thread Pipe Thread Plain Cylindrical, Plain Taper
  • Go/No-Go, Indicating/Snap Gages
  • TiInfinite labng Gauges
  • Thickness Gages (Dial/Pocket/Paper, Ultrasonic, Wet Film Micrometer Calibration, Coating Thickness
  • Super Micrometers Tool Calibration Bench, Bore, Depth, Groove, Head Inside, Outside, Pipe, Uni/Point Thread Pitch
  1. Tool Calibration
  • Amplifier
  • Angle Iron Balls/Angle Plate
  • Video counters
  • Magnetometer and Gauss Meter Indicators (Dial, Digital, Dial Test, Coaxial, Mikrokators)
  • Levels (Mechanics, Machinists, Precision, Tilting) (Mechanics, Machinists, Precision, Tilting)
  • Microscope
  • Parallel Parallels, Overlay, and Optical Flats
  • Penetrameters (Radiographic) (Radiographic)
  • Profilometer
  • Protractors \sRules
  • Sine Bar, Plate, and Vise Squares (Machinist Steel, Combination, Cylindrical Square/Tapered)
  • Straight Edge Tape Measure Stopwatch

The Dimensional calibration process 

Dimensional calibration verifies that the item provides results that meet or exceed the requirements of the measurement standard by comparing the performance output of a hand tool, gauge, or other measuring instrument with the standard. A Certificate of Calibration includes descriptions of the instrument’s condition “as found” and “as left,” our NIST-traceable standards, A2LA accreditation, and information regarding any adjustments or repairs.

Additional resources on Mechanical Testing

For more blogs on Testing: https://infinitalab.com/blogs/ 

Video 1: Primary Standard, Physical Dimensional Calibration – Micro Quality

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