Mechanical Testing of Steel Products Metric ASTM A1058

Mechanical Testing of Steel Products Metric ASTM A1058

Steels, stainless steel, and related alloys are mechanically tested by using ASTM A1058. To produce repeatable and similar results, variations in testing methods should be minimized, and standard testing methods should be followed. The SI system of units is considered normal.


    The mechanical tests outlined here are used to determine the properties included in the product specifications. The tension test is used to determine the load that is sufficient to cause a rupture, and the bend test is used to assess ductility, while the hardness test determines the resistance. The Brinell test is frequently used to evaluate materials with a coarse structure or a rough surface.

    Test Procedure:

    Test methodSection
    Tension test5.1-12.3
    Bend test13.1-13.3
    Hardness test14.1-14.2
    Brinell test15.1-15.3
    Rockwell test16.1-17.1
    Charpy impact testing18-24

    Specimen Size

    The terms “longitudinal test” and “transverse test” are only used in wrought product material standards and are not applicable to castings.


    The test result meets or exceeds the minimum average requirement (given in the specification). Not more than one specimen’s test value falls below the stated minimum average, and no specimen’s test value falls below two-thirds of the specified minimum standard.


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