Shear Strength of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Ceramics ASTM C1292

Shear Strength of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Ceramics ASTM C1292

The test method described in ASTM C1292 evaluates interlaminar shear strength of continuous fiber-reinforced advanced ceramic composites on a double-notched test specimen at ambient temperature. This test method uses specimens of glass or ceramic matrix composites.


    The test procedure in ASTM C1292 is used to determine the interlaminar shear strength of advanced glass or ceramic matrix composites using unidirectional or bi-directional fiber reinforcement architecture.

    Test Procedure:

    The test methods addressed in ASTM C1292 are the Iosipescu test method and comparison loading test method. The comparison test measures the interlaminar shear strength of a double-notched continuous fiber-reinforced ceramics (CFCCs) by loading a known double-notched test specimen of uniform width. The Iosipescu method measures shear strength of different material shear planes of laminated CFCCs by loading a rectangular flat strip of specimen which have centrally located V-notches and a four-point asymmetric fixture. 

    Sample size:

    For the Iosipescu test in ASTM C1292, thin test specimens are defined by width to thickness ratio of about more than ten. Owing to the complexity of the stress field around the notches and its dependence on the homogeneity and properties of the material, a series of tests must be conducted by keeping the spacing between the notches different and then determine its effect on interlaminar shear strength.


    The data values obtained in ASTM C1292 produce autographic records of the applied force. A displacement versus time characteristic curve is also obtained. One can have both analog chart recorders or store them digitally, thus providing an immediate record of the test as a supplement. It is mandatory that the recording devices should be accurate to about 61% of full scale, bearing a minimum data acquisition rate of 10 Hz with a response of 50 Hz .


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