Acoustic Resonance Testing (ART)

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ART can be fully automated to make objective, quantitative decisions without the use of humans. The idea that a part has a specific and special collection of distinctive frequencies due to its physical structure is used in ART. Any imperfection will modify this vibration’s “fingerprint,” which is a property of every component with the same physical characteristics. The typical frequencies of the part will be aroused after a hammer strike, and every other frequency will immediately attenuate. Parts with flaws can be easily distinguished by measuring the position and amplitude of several peaks in the dynamic response of the part and comparing these results to a database of permitted values.

Among other things, ART may be utilized to identify parts with dimensions that exceed tolerance, voids, and fissures. With the right transducer sensitivity and software, the test can reliably detect flaws throughout a part, even though it cannot identify the reason for rejection. In-line gas pipeline inspection using ART is now being studied by Gassco. Certain auto assembly lines also employ ART to guarantee strict adherence to standards. It is ideal for applications requiring quick and accurate flaw detection, such as quality assurance on drive train components, shielding, piping sections, containment hardware, as well as other applications.

Video 01: The Principle of Acoustic Resonance Testing – ART

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