Metallic Coatings on Steel by X-Ray Fluorescence ASTM A754

Metallic Coatings on Steel by X-Ray Fluorescence ASTM A754

ASTM A754 test method determines the coating weight of metallic coatings such as zinc coating or zinc alloy coating on steel sheets by using X-ray fluorescence and can be applied to the layers covered by various ASTM specifications. The test method’s final results must be expressed in either inch-pound units or SI units.


    This test method establishes a standard for calculating the weight and thickness of coatings on steel sheets by applying X-ray fluorescence or isotope measuring instruments. Zinc coating protects against corrosion. Different layer designations are formed as per the specifications of the zinc-coated steel sheet, which helps the purchaser choose the most suitable coating weight. 

    Test Procedure:

    Each instrument is operated such that the area of fluorescence remains between 970 and 3200 mm² for X-ray tube gauges and 3200 and 9000 mm² for isotope gauges. The traversing speed should be such that it leads to less than 1% test error, and the triple spot technique should be used to calculate coating weight. Stable temperature, accuracy, and cleanliness are to be practiced.

    Specimen Size : 

    The specimen is created to the measurements specified, within the thickness 5/µ and area 9 by 9 in.


    Weight is reported in SI Units or Inch pound units.

    Accuracy of X-ray tube and isotope coating weight gauges, when used for determining coating weight specifications are above 1.3 oz/ft2/side [400 g/m2/side] for zinc coatings, 0.066 oz/ft2/side [20g/m2/side] for tin coatings, and 0.82 oz/ft2/side [250 g/m2/side] for aluminium coatings.


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