Detergent Resistance of Ceramic Decorations ASTM C676

Detergent Resistance of Ceramic Decorations ASTM C676

ASTM C676 is an analytical test method intended to give a simple and consistent approach for measuring the detergent resistance of ceramic decorations on glass tableware.


    The ASTM C676 test technique is designed to provide a convenient and standardized method for determining the detergent resistance of ceramic decorations on glass tableware. In addition, this test method is used to estimate the quality of glass enamel decorations that are being subjected to high phosphate detergents while in use. Before heavy metal testing, test method ASTM C676 aims to discover accelerated exposure to high phosphate detergents. 

    Test Procedure:

    For ASTM C676, a test solution is prepared consisting of 5 % sodium pyrophosphate (Na P₂0. 10H₂O) and 95 % distilled water. The test specimen is then immersed in this test solution kept at 60°C ± 2°C. As an additional help in evaluating the degree of chemical activity on the specimen under test, a duplicate piece of ware (not exposed to the solution) is kept with the decoration under examination. After two hours, the specimen is removed from the solution, rubbed vigorously, dried, get evaluated, and classified into four categories :
    • No loss of gloss.
    • Gloss loss, no loss of opacity
    • Noticeable loss of opacity.
    • Complete removal of decoration.

    Specimen Size : 

    Representative glass tableware with ceramic decorations is used as an ASTM C676 test specimen. 


    The specimen being tested, and the decorating substances utilized in ASTM C676, are recognized and evaluated under the four categories described above. After each 2-hour immersion period, the specimens should be graded into the classifications listed above.


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