Combustion Analysis

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    Combustion Analysis

    Combustion analysis is a powerful technique used to obtain the elemental composition of organic and inorganic materials. The analyzers can provide highly sensitive and reliable carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur measurements. A known weight sample is burned in a high-temperature, high oxygen environment, and the combustion gases are filtered and purified. A sequence of absorption traps and infrared cells detect and quantify total as well as fractional elemental concentrations. Total organic carbon (TOC) and total inorganic carbon (TIC) are also measured after sample acidification. The operating temperature could be as high as 3000 C and varies depending on the furnace used. The infrared cells are customized based on the type of analyzer. Combustion analysis can detect concentrations of C/S and O/N/H as low as 1ppm. Combustion analysis is an extremely reliable technique for elemental analysis of solid samples, especially at low concentrations.

      Common Uses

      • Precise measurement of C/S/N/H/O concentrations in bulk, powders, granules, or other solid samples
      • Test inhomogenous samples
      • Check carbon impurities in materials
      • Fractional analysis
      • Total organic and total inorganic carbon measurements (TOC and TIC)
      • Total, free and bound carbon content for ceramics
      • Surface carbon content of metals and alloys


      • High sensitive and highly reliable test data
      • Detection range 1pp to 100%
      • Any solid sample type
      • High sample weights up to several grams
      • No sample preparation required


      • Only solid sample analysis
      • Limited to elemental analysis of C, O, H, N, S


      • Geology
      • Environmental Science
      • Food
      • Fuels
      • Building Materials
      • Ceramics
      • Metals
      • Plastics
      • Glass


      • Element Materials Technology
      • EAG Laboratories
      • National Technical Systems (NTS)
      • Intertek Group Plc

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