Real Time X-ray (RTX)

Real time X-ray is a non-destructive technique of conducting X-Ray imaging of a test subject while it is in motion or in operation. Laboratory or field testing with safety precautions is done depending on the size of the test object.... Read More

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    Real Time X-ray (RTX)

    Real time x-ray is a non-destructive technique of conducting X-Ray imaging of a test subject while it is in motion or in operation. X-Rays are transmitted through the test object and the shape, density and dimensional characteristics of the internals are imaged, using appropriate shading. An RTX system typically comprises an X-ray source, X-ray image intensifier and X-Ray detector connected to a capture computer with processing software. In some critical applications dual energy imaging, involving detection of high and low energy X -rays is utilized, to detect hard and soft objects. Airline baggage security inspection by RTX is an example where dual energy X-Ray imaging is utilized.

    RTX systems have been used in wide ranging applications, including quality assurance of electronic circuit boards, prototype evaluation of machinery, security inspection of goods, non-destructive inspection and failure analysis of machinery, process and quality control in automated fabrication lines, development of rocket engines.


    Common Uses of Real Time X-ray (RTX)

    • Automated welding and production lines
    • Failure investigation
    • On-line Security inspection of packages
    • Prototype development
    • Quality control of electronic circuit boards
    • Medical device inspection

    Advantages of Real Time X-ray (RTX)

    • Non-destructive inspection
    • Once set-up the testing is rapid
    • Various hard and soft, metallic and non-metallic materials can be imaged
    • Multiple angles and magnifications can be observed

    Limitations of Real Time X-ray (RTX)

    • Sample size limitations depending on the equipment being used
    • Safety concerns due to ionizing radiation

    Industrial Applications of Real Time X-ray (RTX)

    • Airline security
    • Aerospace
    • Automobile manufacturing
    • Electronics
    • Fabrication and welding
    • Medical devices
    • Prototype development and research
    • Reliability, Maintenance and inspection
    • Security and defense

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