Non-Volatile Matter (NVM) Analysis

Non-Volatile Matter (NVM) is described as the coating content that remains after all water, solvents, and other volatile s have been evaporated or eliminated. The calculation of non-volatile materials in a paint or coating can be stated as a weight or a volume. This data is useful for coating makers and users in determining the total solids available in film formation.... Read More

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    Procedure to Calculate Non-Volatile Matter (NVM)

    The Non-Volatile Residue (NVR) test is simple, but it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive to perform. To reduce variability in the calculations, the process must be carried out with caution.

    The gravimetric determination of NVR content entails completely evaporating the solvent. NVR levels of 0.1 to 100 ppm are usual, hence a microbalance is recommended in these instances.

    The following are important standards for non-volatile residue gravimetric determination:

    ASTM E1235: Gravimetric determination of non-volatile residue (NVR) in environmentally controlled areas used for spacecraft assembly, testing, and processing. This standard is used as a reference for testing a wide range of items.

    ASTM D1353: This standard method describes test procedures for non-volatile matter in volatile solvents for use in paint, varnish, lacquer, and related products. The non-volatile matter content by mass in the paint and varnish business can be found by consulting ISO 3251 as well.

    Video 01: ISO 3251 Non-Volatile Matter (NVM) testing

    Formula for Non-Volatile Matter (NVM) Calculation:

    a = residue (g) + the mass of the sample weighing pan

    c = mass of the blank weighing pan + residue (g)

    b = mass of the sample weighing pan, clean, (g)

    d = mass of a clean, blank weighing pan (g)

    e = the part’s surface area in cm2

    f = the number of parts.

    Common Uses of Non-Volatile Matter (NVM) Testing:

    • Determining the purity of a solvent.
    • Determining the amount of micro-contamination on the surface of the specimen.

    Limitations of Non-Volatile Matter (NVM) Testing:

    • Handling Small Samples

    Since the amount of non-volatile residue collected is so minute, weighing the NVR accurately requires a high-quality microbalance. The sole measurement necessary to calculate NVRs is weight; this restricts the possibilities of error but makes proper sample handling crucial. It takes some time for a microbalance to settle, thus using one requires patience. This becomes more apparent when multiple samples are used in the non-volatile residue test.

    • User and Environmental Safety

    User safety is at stake as organic solvents evaporate. To prevent potential damage from hot liquid, proper processes should be in place. Utilizing a fume closet prevents the possibility of inhaling the vapors. The evaporation of solvents raises additional environmental issues. It is advised to use the least amount of solvent feasible.

    • Contamination

    It is possible for glassware or the surrounding air to unintentionally introduce particles and other sources of contamination. Clean rooms are advised.

    It is possible to do the process in a nitrogen gas atmosphere.

    Industrial Application of Non-Volatile Matter (NVM) Testing:

    • Medical equipment
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • FMCG

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