Tensile Properties (Sheet) by ASTM D882

Tensile Properties (Sheet) by ASTM D882

Tensile Testing of Thin Plastic Sheeting (Film) is done by ASTM D882 test method using a Universal Test Machine. The data obtained is used to identify material that can withstand load in the application environment.


    Tensile Properties by ASTM D882 test is designed to determine the tensile characteristics of plastics as thin sheets and films. Tensile tests measure the force needed to crack a sample and the extent to which the sample stretches or expands to that breaking point. Tensile tests generate a curve of stress-strain that is used to determine tensile modulus. The data are often used to define materials, design components that withstand application, and quality control check of materials. Many materials (especially thermoplastics) have different physical properties depending on ambient temperature, so testing materials at specified temperature values can simulate the design environment. 

    Test Procedure:

    Samples are fastened to the grips of the Universal Tester and pulled until failure. The test speed and grip separation for ASTM D882 are dependent on the extension to the material breakage. Crosshead displacement or extensometer helps to determine the elongation and tensile modulus.

    Elevated or Reduced Temperature Test Procedure:

    The Universal Test machine is equipped with a thermal chamber. This chamber allows traveling across the top and bottom of the chamber on the foundation and the crosshead of the Universal Tester. Inside the chamber, standard measurement devices are mounted, and the thermal monitored atmosphere is tested in the same way as it is at ambient temperature. The chamber has internal electric heaters to maintain high temperatures, and external carbon dioxide is used as the coolant to lower temperatures. The size of the chamber limits the maximum elongation that can be reached.

    Specimen size:

    ASTM D882 uses 1-inch 6 inches strips are die cut from thin sheets or film.


    The following calculations can be done using tensile test results:

    Tensile modulus
    Tensile strength (at yield and at break)
    Elongation and percent elongation at yield
    Elongation and percent elongation at break


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