ASTM D3835 Capillary Rheometry Shear Sweep, Thermal Stability

Determination of Capillary Rheometry Shear Sweep and Thermal Stability is done by ASTM D3835, ISO 11443. The shear rat e and temperature conditions are maintained to simulate material calendaring, molding, and extrusion conditions. Results are used to determine the process parameters for product preparation and thermal stability study.... Read More

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    The ASTM D3835 test measures the rheological properties of polymeric materials, such as resistance of a material to flow (melt viscosity), thermal stability, and sensitivity at different temperatures over a wide range of shear rates. The shear rate and temperature conditions are equivalent to the conditions met in material calendaring, molding, and extrusion. Result obtained is generally used in determining process parameters for product preparation and thermal stability study. The application of such process parameters ensures lot-to-lot quality control and evaluation of processing parameters responsible for the degradation of physical properties.

    Test Procedure:

    Following specifications shared by the client, temperature, shear rate, and other parameters are designated for the ASTM D3835 test. The shear sweep test determines the force required for extrusion of molten plastic through a capillary at varied shear rates. Thermal Stability is evaluated by extruding molten plastic material through a capillary after different periods of residence time in the container of the extruder.

    Specimen size:

    About 80 g of test polymer is required.


    Shear stress and shear rate are computed and plotted to give Shear Sweep test result. The apparent melt viscosity is computed and plotted versus residence time in the Thermal Stability test.


    ASTM D3835 is a standard test method for determination of flow properties of polymeric materials by means of a capillary rheometer.


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