WDXRF Spectrometry for Chemical Analysis of Ceramic Materials ASTM C1605-04

WDXRF Spectrometry for Chemical Analysis of Ceramic Materials ASTM C1605-04

ASTM C1605 is used for compositional analysis with high sensitivity and accuracy for all the elements in the periodic table heavier than lithium. It determines the chemistry, layers of coatings, film thickness, and elemental composition per unit area by measuring the wavelength of the radiation emitted by the elements in the given whiteware or ceramic sample.


    Elemental analysis by ASTM C1605 is very sensitive; it can detect trace elements and provide efficient spatial resolution. Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometers allow less spectral overlaps and high resolution for lighter elements. The method does not affect the composition of the whitewares and other ceramics.

    Test Procedure:

    ASTM C1605 involves using lithium tetraborate flux to melt the given whiteware ceramic sample to produce glass beads. Regression curves of the given sample are set using the WDXRF spectrometer encompassing a wide range of concentrations down to ppm. Three powerful instruments are used; X-ray tube, monochrome, or analyzing crystal and detector. All the elements in the given sample are excited by using an X-ray tube, and a monochromator diffracts the radiations emanating from the samples into different directions. The intensity of the X-rays of various wavelengths can be determined by adjusting the detector at a specific angle. Using a program, all the elements detected can be studied.

    Specimen Size : 

    Typically, sample thickness, sample diameter, and sample mass are monitored, and the values are roughly 50 mm, 400 mm, and 30 kg, respectively. The values may vary depending upon the type of spectrometer.


    Elemental sensitivity can be measured down to ppm, the film thickness of the material can be measured up to mm.Peak resolution is measured in eV.


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