Radiographic Inspection

Radiographic inspection is the process of assessing material with the use of x-ray or gamma-ray technologies It is one of the most extensive non-destructive testing techniques used to inspect items for indications of faults that can affect functionality.... Read More

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    In radiographic inspection, fault detection is dependent on the part or test piece’s differential absorption of penetrating radiation. Different parts of a test piece absorb varying amounts of penetrating radiation due to differences in density, variations in component thickness, or variations in absorption characteristics brought on by variations in composition. Unabsorbed radiation that is transmitted through the component can be captured on a film or photosensitive paper, observed on a fluorescent screen, or monitored by several kinds of electronic detection systems. X-rays and gamma rays are the two radiation kinds that are frequently used for inspection purposes.

    The testing of semiconductor devices for flaws such as fractures, broken wires, unsoldered connections, foreign objects, and misplaced components is well suited for radiography. Castings and weldments frequently undergo radiographic testing. The type of material, the type of fault, and the product form all determine how sensitive radiography is to certain flaws. Radiographs of ferrous alloys, non-metallic materials, and composites are all possible.

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