ASTM D7558-09 Colorimetric / Spectrophotometric Procedure

ASTM D7558-09 Colorimetric / Spectrophotometric Procedure

ASTM D7558-09 is intended to evaluate how much absolute extractable gas pedals are in regular elastic-plastic (NRL) and nitrile gloves. The qualities expressed in SI units are to be viewed as standard.


    Dialkyldithiocarbamates (DTCs), benzothiazoles, and thiurams are regularly utilized as vulcanization gas pedals in NRL items. A UV spectrophotometer with recognition at 320 nm is used to gauge the ZDTC, mercaptobenzothiazole, and thiurams. 


    In ASTM D7558-09, the elastic material is cut into tiny pieces, and around 1 g is set into the extraction vessel. Acetonitrile is added to give a last volume/weight of 10 mL acetonitrile per gram of elastic. The acetonitrile extricate is recuperated and centrifuged. Zinc dibutyl dithiocarbamate (ZDBC) is added as per guidelines at 500 to 31.25 μg/mL in acetonitrile. Every individual arrangement is blended and afterward hatched for 120 min at 50 6 5°C. All samples are blended thoroughly, and the standard is estimated at 320 nm on a UV spectrophotometer. Contingent on the number of tests tried, this test strategy takes around five h to finish.

    Specimen size:

    Polypropylene or Glass Extraction Tubes, with screw top lids (50 mL, conical bottom) and Polypropylene Cryotubes are required.


    The report will incorporate a portrayal of the elastic gadget, including item and parcel number, when accessible. The gas pedal should be communicated in μg/g and μg/dm2


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