Shear by Tension Loading ASTM D3164

Shear by Tension Loading ASTM D3164

The test method ASTM D3164 is used to evaluate strength properties of adhesively bonded plastic lap-shear sandwich joints in shear by tension loading. A universal testing machine is used for this test. This test is used to compare adhesive treatments and analyse surface treatments of plastics.


    Shear by Tension Loading ASTM D3164 is used to generate shear strength data for joints. This test is also applicable for comparing adhesive treatments or analysis of surface treatments of plastics. Shear is defined as a sliding failure that happens along a flat surface whereas tension loading is the capacity of a material to resist a pulling force. The objective of this test method is to supplement test methods ASTM D1002 and D3163 and apply their use to single-lap-shear adhesive joints with plastic adhesives. ASTM single-lap-joint shear testing covers ASTM D1002 that specifies the apparent shear strength for bonding metals. ASTM D3163 is used for rigid plastic adherends, and ASTM D5868 for fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) adherends.

    Test Procedure:

    Shear by tension loading ASTM D3164 is performed by using a universal testing machine. The test samples are placed in the grips of the testing machine and pulled to cause a fracture. The ends of the assembly are protected using grips. The grips must be aligned in such a way that the applied force is enforced via the centerline of the sample. The failure types are usually categorized as adhesive, cohesive, or a break in one of the substrates. 

    Specimen size:

    Shear by Tension Loading ASTM D3164 uses a lap shear sample of 25.4 mm (1 inch) with an overlap of 12.7 mm (0.5 inches). The suggested metal thickness is 1.62 mm (0.064 inches) with an overall length of 177.8 mm (7 inches) for the bonded sample. The advised thickness of the plastic insert is 0.354 mm (0.010 inches) or less.


    Maximum Strength (MPa or PSI)
    Type of failure (cohesive, adhesive, substrate)


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