Measuring the Optical Anisotropy in Architectural Glass

In the context of architectural glass, optical anisotropy refers to the property of the glass that causes it to exhibit different refractive indices in different directions due to residual stresses or other factors. This anisotropy can cause the glass to exhibit birefringence, which means that light passing through the glass will be refracted at different angles depending on the direction of the light and the orientation of the glass.... Read More

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    Measuring the Optical Anisotropy in Architectural Glass

    Measuring the optical anisotropy in architectural glass involves evaluating the extent to which the refractive index of the glass varies depending on the direction of light propagation. This can be measured using a polariscope, which involves polarizing light and analyzing the resulting patterns of polarization as it passes through the glass. Optical anisotropy can affect the appearance and performance of architectural glass, such as causing visual distortions or affecting its ability to filter light. Understanding and measuring optical anisotropy is therefore important in the design and selection of architectural glass for various applications.

    One common method for measuring optical anisotropy in glass is to use a polariscope. A polariscope is an optical instrument that uses polarized light to observe the optical properties of materials, including birefringence. The polariscope consists of two polarizers, one that produces polarized light and another that allows only light of a certain polarization orientation to pass through.

    To measure the optical anisotropy in glass using a polariscope, the glass sample is placed between the two polarizers and viewed under a microscope. The polarizers are then rotated relative to each other, and the resulting changes in the light passing through the sample are observed. The degree of optical anisotropy can be quantified by measuring the retardation, or phase shift, between the two planes of polarization.

    Other techniques for measuring optical anisotropy in glass include digital image correlation and spectral interferometry. These methods use advanced optical and image analysis techniques to obtain more precise and detailed measurements of stress-induced birefringence in glass samples.

    Video 01: Louis Moreau | Anisotropy Measurement for Architectural Glass


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