ASTM E793−06 Enthalpies of Fusion and Crystallization by Differential Scanning Calorimetry

E793 – 06 uses differential scanning calorimetry to determine the enthalpy (heat) of fusion (melting) and crystallization (DSC). It is used on solid materials in the form of granules or any constructed shape from which an acceptable specimen can be cut, as well as liquid samples that crystallize within the instrument's range. SI units are used as standard.

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    E793 – 06 is useful for quality control, specification acceptance, and research. Differential scanning calorimetry is a quick way to determine the enthalpy changes that accompany first-order material transitions.


    The temperature region of fusion or crystallization is reached by heating a test specimen at a regulated rate in a controlled environment. The heat flow associated with the endothermic process of fusion is measured and integrated over time. It is thus possible to acquire absolute figures for the enthalpy of fusion or relative values for comparative reasons.

    Specimen size

     Heat the specimen at 10°C/min through the melting

    Weigh 1 to 15 mg of the specimen to an accuracy of +/−0.1% into a clean, dry specimen capsule.


                        H=  EH0/W

    H = enthalpy of fusion (or crystallization) of the sample in J/g,

    W = mass of the specimen, mg,

    E = Calibration constant from Practice

    H0 = observed enthalpy of fusion


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