ASTM E1673 Standard Test Method for Percent Suspensibility

ASTM E1673 test method is designed specifically for dry formulated pesticide materials. It determines the percent suspen sibility.... Read More

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    ASTM E1673 test method covers the percent suspensibility of dry pesticide formulations. 


    In the ASTM E1673 test method a known quantity of dry pesticide is slurred into 50-ml of test water in a 100-ml beaker. The slurry is quantitatively transferred to a 250-ml mixing cylinder using additional test water to rinse the beaker. The 250-ml mixing cylinder is stoppered and inverted in 15 complete cycles. The mixing cylinder is allowed to stand for 30 min. After 30 min the top 225-ml is drawn off and the remaining suspension is dried. The residue weight will determine the percent suspensibility.

    Video 01: Dry pesticide formulation

    Specimen size:

    The specimen for ASTM E1673 is the dry pesticide that needs to be tested.


    Products containing water soluble or volatile components may result in errors.

    Conclusion: ASTM E1673 provides details about the test method for measurement of the percent suspensibility in dry formulation materials.


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