Terms and conditions for partner labs

Terms and conditions for partner labs

When you partner with Infinita Lab Inc., we want you to have the opportunity to understand the process steps. Here are the main terms and conditions to be agreed upon before you come onboard with us for a particular project.

1. Technical consultation is to be provided by the partnering lab upon contact to establish the ideal testing methodology based on our needs. This may be through a written questionnaire provided by Infinita Lab Inc. or for more complex projects, via telephone call(s). This initial consultation is to ensure both our understanding of the best methodologies available with you to address our particular testing requirement(s) and the deliverables expected at project completion.

2. We assume that the partnering lab provides initial consultation mentioned above at no charge.

3. After the initial discussion, the partner lab quotes the best possible prices. Both the parties agree if the quote is appropriate. Additionally, a preliminary start date is issued for the project.

4. Partnering lab sends us a sample receipt notice detailing the sample IDs, conditions, and number of samples received

5. A communication from the partner lab stating that the project has begun, including the duration of the project and when to expect the results is desired.

6. Weekly Interim updates throughout the duration of testing, where applicable are desired.

7. End of project notification with expected date of completion for the final report is desired.

8. Issuance of Final Report and any other relevant information regarding the project within the stipulated time is desired.

9. If required, the partner lab provides a follow up consultation to assist in the interpretation of the results.

10. Invoices are raised after the completion of the test and sending a report. Payments are processed from our side upon verification of the invoice(s) raised.

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