ASTM D7490-13 Contact Angle Measurements

ASTM D7490-13 Contact Angle Measurements

ASTM D7490-13 provides a method for measuring contact points of two fluids, one polar and the other nonpolar, of known surface strain on a substrate, color, or relieved or air-dried covering. The qualities are expressed in CGS units (Dyn/cm).


    ASTM 7490-13 is important to provide data for the calculation of two components, dispersion, γsd, and polar, γsp by using contact angles of two liquids. Although this procedure is exceptionally valuable in describing surfaces, assessing surface dynamic added substances, and clarifying issues, it is not intended to be a quality control or determination test.


    In ASTM 7490-13 Contact points of drops of refined water and di-iodomethane (methylene iodide) are estimated on a superficial level of interest. The two qualities are then subbed into two separate articulations of the Owens-Wendt-Kaelble condition (one for every fluid). Then water contact angles are measured rapidly (within 30 s of depositing the drop). A humidity chamber is also used to reduce the rate of evaporation.

    Specimen size:

    A syringe is required just like a 1-mL hypodermic, outfitted with a No. 27 hardened steel needle, equipped for giving 100 to 200 drops from 1 mL, is reasonable for use with water-like fluids.


    γ1 (1+ cos θ)/2 = [(γldγsd) ½ + (γlpγsp) ½]

    Where θ is the average contact angle for the test liquid on the test specimen, γ1 is the surface tension of the test liquid in Dyn/cm, and γd and γp is the dispersion and polar components of the liquid and the solid, also in Dyn/cm.


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