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    About Vibration Testing

    Vibration testing is the process of evaluating the performance or degradation of a product, component, system, or structure when subjected to mechanical motion. It is an essential part of quality assurance, performance evaluation, regulatory compliance, quality control, fatigue testing, etc., for numerous products, from circuit boards, electronic components, automotive parts to rocket boosters. The test sample is subjected to controlled sinusoidal, transient, or random vibrations using electromagnetic, electrohydraulic, electrodynamic, or mechanical shakers. Random vibration testing is widely used to simulate real-world conditions for a range of products, including motorcycle components, jet engines, cruise missiles, catalytic converters, etc.

    It is essential to precisely control the amplitude and frequency of vibrations in the testing procedure to replicate operational conditions to predict product failure. To this end, specialty equipment and shakers that can handle a few ounces to thousands of pounds are available to suit the specific product that needs to be tested.

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      • Sinusoidal Vibration
      • Random Vibration
      • Sine on Random Vibration
      • Combined Temperature and Vibration Testing
      • Shock Response Spectrum Analysis
      • Environmental Stress Screening
      • Resonance Search and Dwell
      • Fixture Testing
      • Shock, Drop, and Tumble
      • Nuclear Seismic Testing
      • Seismic Testing
      • Earthquake Simulation
      • Classic Shock
      • Field Data Acquisition
      • Transportation Vibration
      • Engine Mounted Vibration


      • Electronics
      • Military
      • Aerospace
      • Automotive
      • Heavy Machinery
      • Electrical
      • Nuclear

      Vibration Testing Laboratories

      • Element Materials Technology
      • National Technical Systems (NTS)
      • Applied Technical Services (ATS)
      • Intertek Group Plc.
      • Tektronix Inc.

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