Thermal Shock Testing

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    Thermal Shock Testing

    Thermal shock testing simulates service conditions for products and components that undergo rapid cycles of temperature changes. Some examples include external aircraft installations that have to withstand the rapid change in temperatures, transportation, production processes like soldering, self-heating of power semiconductors, component failures in electronic devices and circuits due to rapid changes in temperature, etc. Industries like packaging, aircraft, electronics, etc., rely on thermal shock testing to characterize their products’ durability.

    Testing is performed in single or double chambers depending on the industry-standard or the rate of temperature change required for the testing specimen. Single chamber testing typically employs a constant rate of change as high as 30C per minute. For a more severe rapid shift in temperature testing, the sample is transferred from one temperature extreme to another within a two-zone system. Specialty testing includes cryogenic shock testing for space launch vehicles, electronics and related components, pressurized temperature shock testing, etc. Visual inspection, electrical and mechanical testing, etc., are conducted on the samples, where required, to assess failures from temperature shock.

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      • MIL-STD-202, Method 107, Thermal Shock
      • MIL-STD-810, Method 503, Temperature Shock
      • MIL-STD-883, Method 1010, Temperature Cycling
      • JESD22-A104D, Temperature Cycling
      • Cryogenic testing with liquid N2
      • Air-to-air thermal shock
      • Liquid-to-liquid thermal shock

      Products Tested

      • Aircraft components
      • Packaging materials
      • Electronic components
      • Underhood components
      • Soldering joints
      • Sattlelite and other launch components
      • Surface modifiers and coatings


      • Aircraft
      • Automotive
      • Military
      • Consumer Electronics
      • Electronic Components
      • Semiconductors
      • Aerospace
      • Spacecraft


      • National Technical Services (NTS)
      • Experior Laboratories
      • Delserro Engineering Solutions
      • Applied Technical Services
      • Oneida Research Services, Inc.
      • Sithers, Inc.

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