Ingress Protection (IP) Testing

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    Ingress Protection (IP) Testing

    Ingress protection testing is performed to check for a product’s ability to resist the infiltration of water, dust, and other foreign solids to ensure functionality, safety, and product compliance. It is part of waterproofness testing. Obtaining the appropriate IP rating for products is essential in various industries, from consumer electronics, automobiles, avionics to wires and cables. IP rating varies over a range of degrees of protection from liquids or solids or both depending on the industrial standard, the product tested, and marketing requirements.

    Rating is designated with IP followed by two numbers. The first number stands for protection against solids, and the second for liquids. For example, IP67 denotes the product is rated with full protection against solid objects like dust and sand, and it has been tested to work for at least 30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water. Most testing is performed to test the product’s fittings and joints, hermetic seals, open ports, coatings, shields, gaskets, etc. Waterproofness testing is performed to check components against water jets, continuous streams, drip, sprays, immersion for s specific time, pressure, and temperature testing. Dust and sand testing is also performed as part of IP rating tests.

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      • IP Testing (IEC 60529)
      • Electrical Enclosure Rating Testing (NEMA 250 & UL 50E)
      • High-Pressure Steam Jet Cleaning (DIN 40050-9)
      • Water Resistance of Shipping Containers by Spray Method (ASTM D951)
      • Sand and Dust Testing
      • Waterproofness Testing

      Products Tested

      • Mobile phones
      • Electrical enclosures
      • Electrical equipment
      • Vehicle components
      • Gasket seals and fittings
      • Computers
      • Medical devices
      • Laboratory equipment
      • Light fixtures


      • Automotive
      • Electronics
      • Electronics
      • Military
      • Solar Energy
      • Medical Device
      • Instrumentation


      • Element Materials Technology
      • National Technical Systems (NTS)
      • Applied Technical Services (ATS)
      • MET Laboratories, Inc.
      • Keystone Compliance
      • F2 Labs

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