Hail Impact Testing

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    Hail Impact Testing

    Hail impact is the most damaging and destructive element of nature that leads to expensive product replacement costs. It is crucial during product qualification, especially for aircraft, automobiles, solar panels, building materials, etc. Hail impact testing helps assess a material or product’s durability when exposed to hail strike at high velocities up to 700mph and temperatures as low as -20C. The test results can help in choosing the right materials for windshields, antennas, and other vehicle components, assessing possible damage, reinforcing solar panels with appropriate collector covers, evaluating hail resistance for roofing materials, etc. Tests are simulated with ice or metal spheres as large as 2 inches.

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      • ASTM F320
      • ASTM E822
      • ASTM E1038
      • FM 4470 and 4473

      Products Tested

      • Windshields, Antennas, and other vehicle components
      • Solar panels
      • Ground-based commercial equipment
      • Roofing and building materials


      • Aerospace
      • Automobile
      • Military and Defense
      • Heavy Machinery
      • Solar Energy
      • Building and Construction Materials


      • Element Material Technology
      • National Technical Systems (NTS)
      • Delserro Engineering Solutions

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