Electrical Enclosure Rating Testing

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    Electrical Enclosure Rating Testing

    Electrical enclosures are rated according to the National Electrical Manufacturer Association’s (NEMA) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) specifications to withstand specific environments and hazards like icing, sand, dust, corrosion, etc. NEMA ratings are comparable to the ingress protection rating system, except it is exclusive to electrical enclosures. These electrical enclosure ratings act as a guide to choose appropriate enclosures or test them for suitability. Electrical enclosures are not manufactured with the standards in mind, and it is up to the manufacturers or the end-users to ensure compliance with standards. It is best practice to test the enclosure to meet the industry-standard set forth by NEMA enclosure rating and obtain certification depending on the specific industry, product type, and operational environmental conditions.

    NEMA 250: Environmental Operability Testing is a comprehensive list of testing procedures for checking the functionality of enclosures under different environments ranging from dust, probe, drip, immersion, corrosion, etc., in indoor and outdoor settings. IEC 60529 is a similar international testing standard for enclosures.

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