Altitude Testing and Simulation

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    Altitude Testing and Simulation

    Altitude testing is essential to understand the impact of change in elevation, flight level, and rapid decompression on the product components’ and packaged systems’ durability during transportation in trucks and flights. Testing conditions are also simulated to reflect product installations at high altitudes. It is a pass-or-fail test to assess damage or evaluate if the system being tested can equalize the pressure at high altitudes. Combined environmental testing is also performed to simulate multiple weathering conditions at high or low altitudes, including temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.

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      • ASTM D6653
      • IEC 60068-2-13
      • MIL-STD-810
      • Combined Environmental Testing
      • Products Tested
      • Avionics
      • Combat systems
      • Unpressed cargo
      • Air dropped equipment
      • Electronic components
      • Packaging systems
      • High and low altitude installation systems


      • Avionics
      • Defense
      • Military Equipment
      • Electronics
      • Microelectronics
      • Shipping & Packaging
      • Transportation


      • Element Material Testing
      • Clark Testing
      • Westpak, Inc.
      • Delserro Engineering Solutions
      • SGS Transportation Testing Services

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