Accelerated Weathering Testing

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    Accelerated Weathering Testing

    Accelerated weathering testing simulates the long-term effects of common outdoor elements like UV radiation, moisture, humidity, wind, sand and dust, etc. Materials and products like paints, coatings, automobile components, etc degrade due to continuous exposure to the natural elements. Degradation can be in the form of corrosion, discoloration, chipping, cracking, hazing or other appearance, material deterioration, or performance issues. Environmental test chambers are utilized to accelerate the environmental effects and provide results within weeks or months by simulating a rapid weathering process. UV exposure testing is the most commonly used methodology to test for light damage or degradation. Carbon arc systems are used to simulate high level UV exposures and xenon arc weathering systems are used to simulate the effects of prolonged exposure to UV, visible and infrared radiations and measure the mechanical, optical and electrical properties when exposed to light and heat. Other accelerated weathering testing methods include humidity, sand and dust, fog (salt spray) testing, moisture testing, corrosion testing, etc.

    Any material or product exposed to the environment regularly is tested for weathering effects. Accelerated weathering tests provide essential information for production and product specification in most industries, including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, defense, etc. Industry specific testing standards are available where weathering tests play a vital role in the product life cycle, like paints and coating, automotive interiors, construction materials etc.

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      • UV testing
      • Carbon arc test
      • Xenon arc test
      • Corrosion testing
      • Sand and dust testing
      • Humidity testing
      • Thermal Shock testing
      • Temperature and humidity testing
      • Temperature variation testing
      • Salt spray testing (fog)
      • Altitude testing
      • ASTM, ISO, SAE (automotive) standard testing methods


      • Paints and Coatings
      • Plastics and Polymers
      • Elastomers
      • Construction Materials
      • Piping Industry
      • Composites
      • Automotive Components and Materials
      • Original Equipmet Manufacturers (OEMs)
      • Oil and Gas
      • Defense


      • Elements Materials Technology
      • National technical Systems, Inc. (NTS)
      • Applied Technical Services, LLC (ATS)
      • Intertek Group, Plc.
      • KTA- Tator, Inc.
      • VTEC Laboratories, Inc.

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