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Failure analysis and its testing are the most vital part of the production of any materials. Sometimes, Production lines are shut down as a result of defective items, which affects worker productivity and your bottom line. To identify the root cause of the problem and restart production, quick and precise product failure analysis testing is essential. The assistance of our failure analysis labs can be useful in this situation.


Plastics and Polymers

Today, plastics and polymers are crucial components of construction and packaging for a wide range of manufactured goods. Plastic failure analysis can be a useful method for identifying the majority of these causes. However, incorrect material selection, impurities, or poor product design are frequently to blame for plastic product failure.

Epoxies and Adhesives

Epoxies and adhesives are frequently essential to the design of products or packaging, or they serve as the manufacturing base for finished goods. Like plastics, product design, impurities, and material choice can all cause failure. Environmental factors including those related to storage and transportation, however, can also be important. Testing for failure analysis can assist in determining exactly where a failure occurred throughout the manufacturing or distribution process.

Manufacturers of electronics and medical devices understand how important cleanliness is to the performance and security of their goods. However, impurities can get onto a product, and with a skilled failure analysis lab, it can be easier to identify the origin of a short, residue, or stain.

Failure Avoidance

Every manufacturer and quality engineer is aware that every product has the potential to malfunction. The good news is that early in the product design and production process, failure analysis can be employed as a tool for failure prevention.

Testing Methods Frequently Used for Failure Analysis

Several failure analysis testing approaches can be used singly or in combination to find solutions, depending on the product and the type of failure. Among the methods we use most frequently are:

  • Spectroscopy using Auger electrons
  • ESCA evaluation
  • FTIR analysis and testing
  • GC/MS Ion Chromatography Analysis

Testing for Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is the methodical evaluation of a material failure to determine the reasons for failure and what corrective activities are required to stop the failures from occurring again. When a system’s components or individual pieces do not function as planned, a malfunction occurs. Infinitalab is well-known in the industry for its guidance and knowledge in this area and has a wealth of experience in determining the primary reasons for failures.

Video 01: PCB Failure Analysis | FT-IR Microscopy | Electronics

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