Environmental Vibration Testing

Environmental vibration testing is a type of vibration testing where the material is subjected to vibrations under varying environmental conditions, such as high temperature, low humidity, etc. ... Read More

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    Environmental Vibration Testing Technique

    Environmental vibration testing combines vibration testing with different environmental conditions such as high temperature and low humidity. This type of testing provides a better failure analysis of a product.

    The test equipment varies depending on the requirement of the customer, but below are the common types of environmental vibration tests:

    • Random Vibration:

    In this test, vibrations of specified frequency ranges are applied simultaneously in a repeated manner. The superimposition of these vibration frequencies results in the formation of an irregular waveform. 

    • Sweep Vibration:

    The vibration rate is fixed between an upper and lower frequency limit. The vibration intensity depends on the acceleration or amplitude of the corresponding frequency. 

    Image 01: Vibration Testing

    Common Uses of Environmental Vibration Testing

    • Analyzing operational hazards of equipment
    • Used in quality control of products
    • Response of equipment to natural disasters

    Advantages of Environmental Vibration Testing

    • The test ascertains a product’s operational safety
    • Reliable test
    • Convenient than field testing

    Limitation of Environmental Vibration Testing

    • Testing equipment experience fatigue failure

    Industrial Application of Environmental Vibration Testing

    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Defense
    • Electronic manufacturers
    • Medical equipment manufacturers

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