Abrasion Testing Services

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Abrasion tests are performed on aggregates used in construction. Abrasion testing can determine the hardness and abrasion resistance of aggregates for crushing, degradation, and disintegration.


 Abrasion Testing Services

Friction is a major cause of material spoilage. The abrasion test can provide the data required to compare friction coatings. This is useful for determining the lifespan of a construction product. A solid’s abrasion resistance can be tested using the abrasion test. This test can detect the use of materials such as metals, composites, ceramics, and coatings.

Abrasion Test Procedure

  • Choose the aggregate grading to be used in the test. The aggregate grading used in construction is chosen as carefully as possible.
  • Take a 5 kg aggregate sample for grading A, B, C, and D, and a 10 kg sample for grading E, F, and G.
  • The aggregate grading sample is used to select abrasive charge balls according to Table 1.
  • The aggregate and standard ball are placed in the cylinder drum. The cover is then secured.
  • The automatic machine shuts down after a certain number of cylinder drum rotations. After that, the aggregate sample is discharged into a tray.
  • The machine discharge sample is placed on a 1.70 mm IS sieve.
  • The material discharged in this manner is larger than 1.7 mm in diameter and weighs one gram.

Table 1: Selection of Abrasive Balls

Sr NoGradingNo of Steel BallsWeight in gm
1A125000 ± 25
2B114584 ±25
3C83330 ± 20
4D62500 ± 15
5E125000 ± 25
6F125000 ± 25
7G125000 ± 25

 Common uses of Abrasion Test

  • The aggregates should have the capacity to act as a layer for road pavements and withstand the abrasive effects of traffic for an extended period of time. For this, the ideal aggregate for road pavement is chosen using an abrasion test.
  • When soft aggregates are used, the road pavement quickly deteriorates. Rigid aggregates, on the other hand, are very resistant to the pavement. Therefore, to choose a robust aggregate, an abrasion test is used.
  • The abrasion test can also be used to gauge the overall quality of aggregates.
  • Abrasion testing is frequently used to categorize the caliber or relative appropriateness of mineral aggregate.
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