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    Thermal Analysis and Testing Services

    Thermal testing is the process of evaluating the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of materials or products at their operating to extreme temperatures. Testing conditions range from cryogenic to more than 3000C. Understanding temperature sensitivity is critical for virtually any material, device, or product. Standard thermal analysis methods are available for all samples to evaluate performance under specific service conditions and product safety.

    • Thermal Analysis Techniques: Thermal analysis methods are primarily focused on evaluating the physical, mechanical, chemical, and thermodynamic properties of samples. Of interest are phase transitions, weight change with temperature, dimension changes, thermal conductivity, etc. A wide range of thermal analysis techniques is available, including thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), thermomechanical analysis (TMA), dilatometry, dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). These techniques are primarily used for characterizing new polymers, epoxy matrix materials, composites, biological samples, pharmaceuticals, coatings, adhesives, etc.
    • Mechanical Testing: Elevated temperature mechanical analysis is often used to gain insights into performance, strength characterization, structural failure issues, and other physical properties for materials when subjected to extreme temperatures. Testing methods include impact, tensile strength, fatigue, bend, shear, and flexural strength testing. The testing temperatures depend on the particular test, sample requirements, and capabilities available for the specific sample.
    • Environmental testing: Simulated environmental studies combine temperature and humidity, vibration, altitude, etc., for a comprehensive solution to climatic testing of raw materials and finished products. Accelerated aging and thermal shock tests are other suites of environmental tests performed in specialized temperature-controlled chambers.

    Other thermal testing methodologies include thermal imaging, electrical testing of materials under varying temperatures, finite element analysis (FEA), etc., to evaluate products and materials at the extremes of their intended use.


      • Aerospace
      • Biomedical Research
      • Manufacturing
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Building Materials
      • Biomaterials
      • Automotive
      • Nuclear
      • Defense
      • Plastics
      • Polymers
      • Chemicals
      • Electronics
      • Composite Materials
      • Nano Materials
      • Ceramics
      • Adhesives
      • Coatings
      • Thin Films

      Thermal Analysis and Testing Laboratories

      • Element Materials Technology
      • Applied Technical Services (ATS)
      • Intertek Group Plc.
      • Evans Analytical Group (EAG) Laboratories
      • Southern Research

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