Polymer Material Testing

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    Polymer Material Testing

    Polymer material testing encompasses various chemical, mechanical and physical analysis techniques to characterize plastics, laminates, resins, composites, and other polymeric materials. Comprehensive characterization of polymers is essential in delivering a safe product and ensuring product durability and performance over its lifecycle.

    Chemical Analysis: Provides insightful information on structure, composition, molecular weight, weight distribution, etc. Furthermore, residue, additives, fillers, and VOC analysis in polymers help understand their effect on polymers’ stability and durability. Investigative chemical studies can also be performed for deformulation/reverse engineering of competitive products, comparative product studies, failure analysis of faulty products, and regulatory testing. Quality control of polymer raw materials and finished products is another area where chemical analysis techniques are frequently employed.

    Physical and Mechanical Testing: Understanding the physical properties of polymers is essential for product manufacturers to maintain industry standards. Mechanical and physical characterization of polymers is widely used in industries from aerospace, automotive, defense, and consumer products to biomaterials. Bulk and surface mechanical testing include the tensile strength of polymeric films, fibers, coatings; strength, hardness, flexural and compressive properties of polymers for durability and elasticity, etc.

    Other physical characterization techniques routinely employed for polymers include thermal analysis (DSC, TMA, TGA, among others), rheological testing, electrical testing, optical testing, thermal testing, weathering, and environmental testing, including but not limited to humidity, UV, sterilization testing, etc.


      • Chemical Analysis
        • Spectroscopy
        • Chromatography
        • Microscopy
        • Elemental Analysis
        • Wet Chemistry
      • Mechanical and Physical Testing
        • Tensile, Shear, Flexural testing
        • Impact Testing
        • Stress and Strain
        • Bend Testing
        • Density, Hardness
        • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
        • Thermomechanical analysis (TMA)
        • Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
        • Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT)
        • Vicat Softening Points
        • Melt Flow Index
      • Rheological Testing
      • Flammability
      • Weathering Tests
      • Accelerated Aging
      • Environmental Testing
      • Repeated Sterilization Testing

      Common Uses

      • Polymers identification and characterization for additives, coatings, adhesives, plastics, composites, etc.
      • Surface analysis
      • Failure analysis of products
      • Residue and contaminants detection and analysis
      • Product and raw material QC
      • Product shelf-life
      • Test and predict aging
      • Leachability and toxicity studies


      • Industrial Manufacturing
      • Food Storage and Packaging
      • Biomaterials
      • Packaging
      • Defense
      • Automotive
      • Composite Materials
      • Adhesives
      • Coatings
      • Litigation Support
      • Consumer Products
      • Aerospace & Defense
      • Medical Device & Products
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Material Suppliers


      • Element Materials Technology
      • SGS Polymer Solutions Inc.
      • EAG Laboratories
      • Applied Technical Services (ATS)
      • Intertek Group Plc.
      • The Polymer Center
      • Laboratory Testing, Inc.

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