Compression Testing

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    Compression Testing

    Compression testing is done to evaluate the behavior of a material subjected to a sustained load until its breaking point or up to a certain limit. A suite of tests that measure fundamental variables like stress, strain, deformation, elastic modulus, yield, stiffness, rupture characteristics, etc., is used to understand the material’s ability to recover from a specified compressive load. In most cases, the primary goal is to determine the maximum stress a specimen can withstand over a fixed period under constant or progressive load. By testing these properties, engineers can better understand a material’s suitability for a specific application or a product’s performance under anticipated load conditions. Most all materials and products are subjected to compressive forces during their lifecycle. Some examples include polymers, composites, elastomers, electronic components, construction materials, laminates, fibers, thin films, plastics, metals, and biomaterials.

    Compression testing can play a vital role in evaluating the components’ strength, characterizing materials’ properties, or assessing finished products’ performance. ASTM, ISO, or IEC testing standards or compression strength measurements are available for various industries during product development, production, or quality control. Customized testing is often performed for specific characterization or failure analysis studies.


      • Actuation Tests
      • Spring Testing
      • Flexural Strength Tests
      • Penetrations Tests
      • 3-point Bend Testing
      • Compressive Strength Testing
      • Top Load Testing
      • Rupture Testing

      Common Uses

      • Actuation tests on pedals, switches, pushbuttons, etc., for automotive, aerospace, and electronic components.
      • Flexural strength of sheet construction material
      • Compression strength testing of cardboard and other packaging materials
      • Top load testing of PET bottles
      • Evaluation of breaking, crumbling, hardness, and compressive properties of tablets and capsules in the pharmaceutical industry.
      • Flexural strength testing of plastics and elastomers
      • Compression strength tests on polymers


      • Plastics
      • Rubber and Elastomers
      • Polymers
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Paper and Board
      • Medical Device
      • Electrical and Electronic
      • Packaging
      • Construction Materials
      • Automotive
      • Aerospace
      • Biomaterials


      • Element Materials Technology
      • SGS Polymer Solutions Inc.
      • EAG Laboratories
      • Applied Technical Services (ATS)
      • Intertek Group Plc.
      • Westmoreland Mechanical Testing and Research

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