Weight of coating on aluminum-coated iron or steel articles ASTM A428

Weight of coating on aluminum-coated iron or steel articles ASTM A428

The average coating mass over a particular area of aluminium coated steel or iron article is determined using ASTM A428. Thickness of the coating can also be computed using this method. The test method's final results are expressed in either inch-pound units or SI units.


    This test technique establishes a standard for determining the mass of aluminum coatings applied to iron or steel items. Aluminum coatings on iron or steel objects produce a relatively inert barrier that protects against corrosion. The thicker layer will provide more protection against mechanical damage that could cause the coating to crack.

    Test Procedure:

    In ASTM A428, using a razor blade, the aluminum coating from the specimens is removed. Then, the specimens are cleaned by washing them in petroleum ether or another suitable solvent and then weighed. At about 195 °F (90 °C), specimens are immersed in NaOH solution. Then, at room temperature, each specimen is immersed in HCl (sp gr 1.18 to 1.19) for no more than 3 seconds after that specimen is scrubbed with a sponge under running water, then reimmersed in the hot NaOH solution.

    Specimen Size : 

    The specimen was created to the measurements specified, with an area 5.08 in².


    Following formula is used

    C= [(W1-W2)/W2]×T×K


    C is mass of coating, W1is original weight W2 is weight of stripped specimen, T is thickness and K is a constant.


    Weight is 0.01 oz/ft2 in inch pound unit and 1 g/m2 when reporting in metric (SI) units.


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