ASTM D116 Vitrified Ceramics for Electrical Applications

Vitrified ceramics have been used in several electrical applications, including producing electrical insulators that are in high demand because of their excellent mechanical properties and durability. ASTM D116 is a set of methods that explain the manufacturing and applications of ceramic insulators.... Read More

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    The insulators used in ASTM D116 are inert, non-conductive, and gas-tight, due to which they do not interact with the sample, and the analysis can be done accurately. Ceramic insulators can be semi-automated or fully automated and insulate temperature-controlled enclosures or electrically conductive materials. The use of these insulators avoids the risk of power loss, audible noise, electromagnetic interference, purple glow, insulation damage, and ozone production


    In ASTM D116, the ceramic sample under observation is dried and powdered. It is then passed through a sieve during the analysis. The resultant powder is mixed according to the required batch composition. The sample is kept in a furnace overnight. Using a hydraulic press, a cylindrical mold is prepared. This mold is held in the furnace at a desired high temperature.

    Specimen Size : 

    For ASTM D116, the specimen size of ceramics varies with its nature of application in different forms in different devices. In the case of ceramic insulators, the sample size lies in the range of micrograms to milligrams.


    The boiling method is used in ASTM D116 to assess the physical properties like bulk density and apparent porosity. A high voltage machine measures the dielectric strength of the ceramic insulator by computing the breakdown voltage. A field emission scanning electron microscope measures the morphological features of the ceramic insulators.


    ASTM D116 is a set of methods that explain the manufacturing and applications of ceramic insulators.


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