Torque Strength of Adhesives Used on Threaded Fasteners ASTM D5649

Torque Strength of Adhesives Used on Threaded Fasteners ASTM D5649

The ASTM D5649 test is used to measure the locking capability of an adhesive, by measuring the torque needed to unscrew a nut from an adhesive bonded nut and bolt assembly. Breakaway and prevailing torque are measured in each test and the value is reported in inch-pounds.


    The standard ASTM D5649 describes the test method to determine the securing or locking effect of adhesives which are applied onto threaded fasteners. It can also assess the degree of cure and the effect of the environment on torque strength. Thread locking and sealing adhesives are applied on threads of fasteners, to prevent their lateral movement or slip in service, which can compromise joint integrity. The torque strength is a measure of the ability of the cured adhesive to resist applied torque without breaking. The ASTM D5649 test involves torque testing of an adhesive bonded bolt and nut assembly. The breakaway and prevailing torques, at specified rotation speed and rotation angles, are measured for each adhesive and threaded fastener assembly. The breakaway torque refers to the torque at which the adhesive bond breaks allowing the first movement between nut and bolt. The torque measured at various angles thereafter is referred to as prevailing torque


    The ASTM D5649 procedure is conducted in a test apparatus that can clamp the bolthead of the adhesive bonded bolt and nut assembly and turn the nut at prescribed speed and torque. The torque at first movement of the nut is noted as breakaway torque. Further rotation to unscrew the nut is measured at various angles such as 90°, 180°, 270° and 360°, in addition to other angles. The corresponding torque values are noted. It is customary to report a single value for prevailing torque, which may correspond to a specified angle or maximum or average values. Electronic torque measurement or direct reading torque wrench are acceptable.

    Specimen size:

    The bolt and nut sizes to be tested can be as agreed between supplier and user of the adhesive. Non-plated nuts and bolts must be degreased and kept clean and dry before application of adhesive. Electroplated nuts and bolts may not require additional cleaning.


    The breakaway and prevailing torques are reported in inch pounds


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