Testing Multi-Wire Steel Prestressing Strand ASTM A1061

Testing Multi-Wire Steel Prestressing Strand ASTM A1061

ASTM A1061 test method covers the procedural testing of mechanical properties of multi-wire steel prestressing strands for evaluation purposes. The strength and elongation of the strand are also determined. The test results are to be presented in either inch-pound units or SI units.


    ASTM A1061 test method deals with the proper application of the mechanical properties of the strand and how they can be maintained or manipulated. This test determines the breaking strength of the strand and calculates the conditions of premature failure. The test failure risks and errors in testing can be determined and dealt with.

    Test Procedure:

    A tensile testing machine is used along with the extensor meter. Yield strength is determined, and then the specimen is placed in the test frame, and the gauge length is adjusted. The elastic modulus of the specimen to the application of load is calculated through a computerized data acquisition system. Through the aid of various processes, the credibility of the test is indicated. Temperature, duration and breaking strength, and load application are studied.

    Specimen Size : 

    The gauge length of the specimen should be at least 60 times the nominal strand diameter. 


    All the measurements are to be done in SI Units or Inch pound units.
    Class B-1, an extensometer with a 24 inches[600 mm] gauge length, is used.
    Class D, an extensometer, a linear dial gauge, or ruler with the precision of 61/16 inches [2.0 mm] shall be used. The gauge length shall not be less than 24 in. [600 mm]
    The temperature of the test specimen shall be maintained at 6863.5 °F [2062 °C].


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