Mechanical Uniaxial Constant Force Thermal Cycling of Shape Memory Alloys ASTM E3097

Mechanical Uniaxial Constant Force Thermal Cycling of Shape Memory Alloys ASTM E3097

ASTM E3097 test method covers the process of obtaining the residual strain and transformation temperature of shape memory alloys when they undergo applied axial stress at a specific temperature. The errors in strain measurement are rectified by making adjustments in the gripping mechanism. The final results are expressed in SI units.


    ASTM E3097 test method defines a standard for the selection and design of shape memory alloys. Constant force thermal cycling tests cover the effect of thermal cycling on the material. The method is helpful for compression testing and measuring the potential strength of shape memory alloys. The impact of temperature on the specimen and fluctuations in the strain are also determined.


    A conventional uniaxial tension or compression apparatus is used with a temperature regulator. The material is heated at a specified temperature and cooled later on. The continuous heating and cooling of the specimen take place, and then the thermal conditions are equilibrated. Stress is applied to it. An extensometer is attached to the specimen, and the strain is compensated in it through zero-force thermal strain compensation. The sample strain is calculated due to the continuous fluctuation in temperature during the heating and cooling cycles.

    Specimen size

    The specimen size is adjusted as per the need. As in this case, the length of the specimen is one times the diameter.


    The following shape memory parameters are calculated:
    Actuation Strain: eact
    Transformation Strain: et
    Thermal Transformation Span: TSPAN
    Hysteresis Width: WIDTH


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