Determining Boron-10 Areal Density ASTM E2971-16

Determining Boron-10 Areal Density ASTM E2971-16

Effective Boron-10 Areal Density in Aluminum Neutron Absorbers quantitatively using Neutron Attenuation Measurements is determined by ASTM E2971-16. This test is usually carried out in a laboratory. The values expressed in SI units should be considered standard.


    The ASTM E2971-16 standard is used to quantify the 10B areal density of aluminium neutron absorber materials used in systems to manage criticality. Containers for transferring and transporting nuclear fuel, spent nuclear fuel pools, spent nuclear fuel dry storage canisters, and new nuclear fuel transport containers. This standard is expected to be used by designers, suppliers, neutron absorber users, testing labs, and nuclear criticality analysts.


    In ASTM E2971-16, aluminum neutrons are placed in a thermal neutron beam and the number of neutrons transmitted through the material is counted. The neutron count is translated into 10B areal density. The neutron energy spectrum is thermalized. Other methods, such as neutron diffraction, are used to generate a thermal neutron beam


    The 10B areal density, the number, and 10B areal density of the calibration standards used, the facility and apparatus used, and the calculation method used should all be included in the final result of ASTM E2971-16.


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