Determination of Crack-Tip-Opening Angle ASTM E3039

Determination of Crack-Tip-Opening Angle ASTM E3039

ASTM E3039 test uses a drop-weight tear test (DWTT)-type specimen to determine fracture propagation toughness in terms of the steady-state crack-tip-opening angle (CTOA). The values expressed in SI units should be considered standard.


    The standard test method, Determination of Crack-Tip-Opening Angle ASTM E3039, is used to estimate the critical steady-state crack-tip opening angle (CTOA B/2) using measurements of force (P) versus load-line displacement, using the simplified single-specimen method (S-SSM). Crack-Tip-Opening Angle critical value used to characterize stable tearing in thin metallic materials as a fracture resistance criterion. ASTM E3039 is used as a pipe mill test to measure fracture propagation resistance.


    According to ASTM E3039, the force versus displacement of a test specimen is recorded when it is completely cracked. . Firstly, the specimen is immersed in a suitable solvent, and temperature is maintained at -73°C to 100°C. Finally, the object is placed in the testing machine so that the notch in the specimen is within 1.59 mm (1/16 in.) of the striker’s centerline. 

    Specimen size

    W = 76 mm and L = 305 mm is the width and length requirements for the specimen.


    CTOAb/2= 8rp180
    rp= the rotation factor, ξ is the absolute value of the slope, and CTOA is in units of degrees.


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