Conducting Rotating Bending Fatigue Tests of Solid Round Fine Wire ASTM E2948

Conducting Rotating Bending Fatigue Tests of Solid Round Fine Wire ASTM E2948

ASTM E2948 test method covers the application of rotating bending fatigue tests on small diameter solid fine wire for specific fatigue strength at a specified life in the fatigue reign, with the strains being linearly elastic. The pre-strain that can impact fatigue life is not considered in this method. The final results are expressed in inch-pound units.


    ASTM E2948 test method forms a standard for the fatigue response of small diameter solid wire with rotating bending tests. It can help study internal structures and regulate the studies of inclusion, melt techniques, and hard work processing. It determines the effect of surface processes like corrosion and cavitation on the fine solid wire. A wire manufacturer, designer, and consumer must be aware of the fatigue performance for production control, material acceptance, in-service durability, assessment, and fatigue strain determination. 


    A small diameter solid fine wire is taken, and its amplitude bending strain is made constant. The ends of the wire are attached to the shafts such that one end is free to rotate. The number of revolutions is recorded until a fracture is noted. The complete cycle accounts for a fatigue cycle. The environmental hazards are considered and dealt with to determine the fatigue performance efficiently. The bending strain is calculated by studying the geometry of the loop. Temperature is maintained, and excessive heating of the wire is avoided. Careful selection of frequency is made to lower the rate of fatigue damage. 

    Specimen size

    Specimen size should be as per the requirements. In this case, it is ±1 µm, and its resistance to ground should be at least 20,000 MΩ. 


    The residual stresses within each hole depth are calculated using the strain calculations data where p, q, and t are the combination strains. A matrix equation needs to be solved for this purpose.


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